Thursday, December 23, 2010

Obligatory Introduction

I was about to launch into my first post but I thought it more appropriate that my first post comprise a "hello world" introduction. My purpose in blogging is simply to document news and opinions related to the field of Internet Protocol Address Management (IPAM), particularly around IPv4 and IPv6, as well as the closely related technologies of dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP automates IPv4 and IPv6 address assignment) and the domain name system (DNS translates web/email/etc. addresses into IPv4 and IPv6 addresses). The practice of IPAM encompasses managing these core functions of IP address space, DHCP and DNS with the rigor of network management discipline.
Such discipline is necessary given that these core functions serve as the very underpinnings of any IP network. Wthout DHCP automatically assigning IP addresses in accordance with the IP address plan, laptops, IP phones, PDAs, and other IP devices will be unable to communicate. End users may consider the "network down." If DNS is unable to translate web addresses into IP addresses, browser sessions will fail with the dreaded communications failure. If you're working in IT or Network Operations, you'll be sure to find this out very quickly when the help desk or call center lights up with calls. So you certainly have motivation to keep DNS and DHCP up and running and properly configured with respect to the IP address plan. And it's you who I hope will benefit from this blog's posts over time.
Posts will include commentary on recent events as well as an occasional tutorial on a related technology. I also welcome your suggestions!

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