Tuesday, January 4, 2011

IPAM in the Cloud Offerings a Bit Cloudy

If you're in need of help in managing your day-to-day IPAM functions, there is certainly a variety of solutions available. But which one is right for you? Many offerings can help offload your IT team from having to manage your public or external DNS servers and name spaces. Many service providers provide secondary DNS hosting, enabling (and requiring) you to manage your zone and resource record information on your own external master DNS server, then update the service provider's secondary DNS servers via standard zone transfers.
Some service providers can also host the master server, allowing a small number of changes over a given time frame. The simplest solution albeit with limited control offered by website hosting providers integrate domain name assignment and operation of master and slave DNS servers accordingly.
Beyond these various external DNS support services, fewer offerings are available for helping to manage internal DNS as well as DHCP and IP address space administration. These technologies are at the same time very complex and crucial to proper network operation for end users. The first question after all should be whether you even want to trust administration of this critical infrastructure to a third party. Should a misconfiguration occur or a server fail, does the service provider apply sufficient redundancy and resources to quickly rectify the issue? Only a trustworthy organization with resources that can be brought to bear would be worth considering.
But if managing (or mis-managing) IPAM is creating issues in your network, stirring end user dissatisfaction, or is too time and resource-intensive, a managed IPAM service may be worth seeking. Whether you prefer additional hands on deck with professional services support or a true IPAM-in-the-cloud service, BT Diamond IP is a professional, competent and trustworthy IPAM services partner. Of course BT Diamond IP also offers software and appliance products if you prefer to purchase and manage IPAM in-house!

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