Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cornering the market on good ideas

We at BT Diamond IP just wrapped our annual user conference last week in Philly. Putting on a conference like this takes a committed team effort, lots of work in logistics, planning, staging, and material preparation. All of this prep work helps the conference to go relatively smoothly. Given the conference attendee survey results, it appears our efforts were well worth it!

There's really nothing like getting together face-to-face to discuss IPAM products, technologies, and user concerns and suggestions. Customers get a lot out of it - meeting and chatting with our engineers, leadership, support staff, etc. But we get a lot out of it too. While we've certainly got among the most experienced and bright IPAM engineers in the industry, we haven't cornered the market on good ideas! And thankfully neither has anyone else.

The users of our products help keep us grounded and focused on prioritizing what's important to them in making their IP management tasks easier, which is our mutual goal. By listening to our customers, we can come closer to achieving it. What a concept!

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