Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy World IPv6 Day!

The day has arrived for participants to fire up their IPv6 addressable web servers to give IPv6 an Internet "test flight!" As I blogged last week, I'm excited to see the results - was it easier than expected and worked flawlessly or were there headaches and issues? Perhaps a little bit of both!? In any case, right now, it's all about awareness and this is the day for it! In fact, at btdiamondip.com, we just posted an IPv6 information kit, which includes a basic Microsoft Windows IPv6 subnet calculator and my IPv6 addressing white paper. Register here to download your copy!

In my informal statistically insignificant poll on my website over the last few days, over half of respondents were planning to participate with varying degrees of readiness. It is encouraging to see interest in participating. I believe the investment in time in enabling IPv6 for at least just one web server will give administrators the satisfaction of having participated and of experiencing what it takes on a small scale.

Theory is nice but experience makes it real. And experience is something organizations can build on to pursue further IPv6 deployment in a disciplined, controlled manner or to defer such activities. I'm all for conscious decisions as much as possible and the more real data on which to base such decisions, the better!

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