Friday, June 3, 2011

World IPv6 Day is almost here! Are you participating?

The Internet Society-sponsored World IPv6 Day is June 8, 2011. The intent of this effort is to publicize the need to consider IPv6 deployment and to allow organizations to "test drive" IPv6 by implementing it on a limited basis, e.g., on external web servers. This day should provide interesting results with respect to any connectivity issues as well as participants' experiences and lessons learned.

Personally I applaud this initiative and believe it will raise awareness to the state of IPv4 address capacity and the need to at least consider IPv6 deployment. Not everyone will feel the need to deploy IPv6, but this decision should be made consciously, considering your costs, your estimated time frame when IPv6 users will begin to gain critical mass and the corresponding potential loss of web visitors due to inaccessibility to IPv6 users. Some organizations may create a plan for deployment and set it aside for use when and if IPv6 deployment is warranted. Others will hedge their bets and build on World IPv6 Day success or failure to expand deployment or revise deployment strategies.

The point of the day is to give some thought to IPv6. Make a conscious decision to defer action or pursue more details. I'd be interested in hearing from you regarding your plans to participate in World IPv6 Day. Take my quick poll and let me know!

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