Thursday, August 11, 2011

IPv6 Business Drivers

I just commented on a Network World article about IPv6. The question was asked regarding the top five business drivers for deploying IPv6 and this was my offering:

In my opinion, these are the top 5 business drivers to deploy IPv6:

1. Remaining open for business on the Internet ubiquitously. With Asia being among the fastest growing region for broadband and mobility subscribers with no remaining IPv4 addresses, you'll need an IPv6 Internet presence to communicate with this soon-to-be-exploding segment of the Internet population. If you do any business on the web (and who doesn't?) you need to deploy IPv6 at least externally.

2. Keeping up or ahead of competition who may be ahead or behind in various stages of IPv6 deployment. Depending on your industry, such "technological leadership" can be positioned as a competitive differentiator.

3. Most operating systems ship with IPv6 today so IPv6 may already be "deployed" at least locally in spots. Improve your visibility to IPv6 addresses in use in your network. While this one isn't necessarily a driver to "deployment" it is a driver to prepare for and learn about IPv6.

4. Ability to support partner connections for those partners requiring IPv6.

5. Support a work environment with opportunity for career growth for your IT/Ops staff in being able to work on "new" technology such as IPv6.

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