Friday, August 26, 2011

IPv6 Internet Concentration Growing Rapidly

Based on analysis of Internet routing table information, the RIPE NCC (the European region Regional Internet Registry) publishes a telling graph regarding the growth in concentration of IPv6 networks in the Internet IPv4/IPv6 mix. The useful graph is interactive, allowing filtering by country, RIR or multiple criteria. I like it so much I've framed it into my website.

It's no surprise that the APNIC region with its relatively scarce IPv4 space especially with respect to its served population, has and continues to lead the pack in terms of percentage of Internet networks (autonomous systems) advertising at least one IPv6 prefix. But all regions trend in a like manner, exponentially higher, approximately doubling in proportion since the beginning of 2010!

Assuming this trend continues as IPv4 space runs out completely, ask yourself if your Internet presence is prepared for this growing proportion of IPv6 users. As I've blogged several times this year and will likely continue to harp on, now is the time to prepare for IPv6 deployment if you aren't already doing so!

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