Tuesday, January 17, 2012

From World IPv6 Day to World IPv6 Launch!

The Internet Society announced today that several major Internet companies have agreed to transform last year's World IPv6 Day success to a deeper commitment with World IPv6 launch! The World IPv6 Launch is scheduled for June 6, 2012. Last year's event was a one-day "test flight" for IPv6. This year's launch promises a permanent enabling of IPv6 for not only major ISPs and websites, but also home networking equipment providers, which extends IPv6 to the "last mile" to residences.

The goal is to enable IPv6 for enough end users so that at least 1% of wireline residential subscribers' connections to participating websites to use IPv6 by June 6. This may not sound like much but 1% of an estimated 500 million is 5 million users which is substantial. This is an exciting time for Internet companies. The industry is moving deeper into IPv6. Are you ready?

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