Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gearing up for World IPv6 Launch

What better time to unveil the IPv6 Resource Center at BT Diamond IP than immediately following the announcement about the World IPv6 Launch! We've amassed a variety of material on IPv6 that hopefully enables people to learn about IPv6, in whatever media they prefer - video, audio, webcast, or reading with white papers and books.

World IPv6 Launch is not a deadline to implement IPv6. It's another means of publicizing the need to consider IPv6 deployment - is it right for you and when? IPv4 space is pretty much gone in Asia so as new IP address consumers in that part of the world comprising over 60% of the world's population begin using broadband and wireless devices, IPv6 address use on the Internet will grow. The homogeneous IPv4 Internet of today will evolve to a mixed IPv4-IPv6 Internet.

How rapidly and to what proportion IPv6 will permeate this mix is unclear. But it makes sense to track this over time and to be ready should the IPv6 density reach a level where substantial potential customers and sellers are unreachable with IPv4-only Internet presence. This is the real decision point for deploying IPv6 for those with plenty of IPv4 address space: at what point will I be missing substantial inbound and outbound sales, collaboration, and partnering opportunities with organizations constrained to only an IPv6 Internet presence? For every organization, this critical "IPv6 density" point will differ - for example, for organizations serving primarily Internet users from Asia, this time will be sooner than those that do not.

I'd recommend estimating that date for you (if you ever believe it will happen) and working backwards to devise a plan to support an IPv6 Internet presence. With a plan at the ready, you can estimate the plan execution time (make sure you add some fudge time due to inevitable unforeseen issues) and be ready to invoke it with enough lead time to complete it by your IPv6 Density or "D-Day."

Where to start? We've put together the IPv6 Resource Center for your perusal of material about IPv6 technology, IPv4-IPv6 co-existence techniques, and even a recorded webinar outlining an IPv6 deployment plan template. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any feedback on the material or suggestions for coverage of additional topics.

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