Thursday, March 29, 2012

What would you ask about IPv6?

I am in the process of compiling questions for the 2012 rendition of BT Diamond IP's IPv6 survey. This survey is open to anyone wishing to express their opinion about the state of IPv6 and deployment plans. While I'd like to retain some of the questions from last year's survey to identify shifts or trends in opinion, there's always room for one or two additional questions. So if there's a question that's on your mind, feel free to post a comment to this blog post and I'll consider it!

I'm interested in what people are thinking about what conditions would hasten their plans to deploy IPv6, so I'm planning to add a question about this from the perspective of the IPv6 user density on the Internet. What would it take for you to consider this critical mass? 1 % of Internet users being IPv6, or 10%, or even 50%? Let me know if you agree this is a good question or if you have a different metric or any additional question ideas!

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