Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Book completed - now back to blogging!

It's been a few months since I've posted due to the urgency to finish my new IPv6 book, a death in the family and a period of abnormally onerous work requirements (always getting in the way!). My new book, co-authored with Michael Dooley is entitled, IPv6 Deployment and Management, ISBN-10: 1118387291/ISBN-13:978-1118387207, and will be available within the month.

Mike and I were motivated to write this book given the myriad questions we received from customers, prospects, and acquaintances about how to go about IPv6 deployment. Certainly having worked with IPv4 and IPv6 from an IPAM perspective for several years, we were able to share our experiences. However, there's much more to deploying IPv6 than managing the IPv4-IPv6 address space! So we set out to learn about the broader aspects of IPv6 deployment thanks to extensive research and interaction with some of our colleagues, and we discovered that it touches every aspect of the IP network. And given that I've never seen two identical IP networks, each one is unique, and the deployment planning and execution process likewise differs per IP network.

So there's no universal cookie cutter answer to the question of how to deploy IPv6, but we attempted to map out a basic process and identify key issues when planning an IPv6 deployment project. There's a lot to think about when implementing a new protocol, from assessing the ability of current infrastructure (routers, switches, servers, end user devices, databases, applications, etc.)  to support IPv6, to defining how such a dual protocol network is to be managed and supported, to creating security practices and policies and certainly documenting and tracking the IP address plan. From this assessment, plans can be made with respect to remediating non-IPv6 complaint components, mapping out a project plan, testing and executing the plan.

The book provides a detailed discussion of IPv6 deployment drivers, the IPv6 protocol, IPv4-IPv6 co-existence techniques, and key considerations when deploying IPv6 including IP addressing, network management and security. Readers may find that just particular sections apply to them, or all of them!

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